Welcome to the MDP Rural Caucus

Welcome to the Michigan Democratic Party Rural Caucus. I look forward to working with you as we look to change how Democrats engage with rural Michigan. How do we do that? We start with three goals:

1. Recruiting and training candidates to run at every level - studies show that just having a Democrat on the ballot increases Democratic turnout noticeably, and the better the candidate, the more turnout increases. Down ballot candidates are critical if we want to win in rural areas and we need to recruit candidates and give them the knowledge and tools to succeed.

2. Increase rural outreach - there are many opportunities to meet the rural community at conferences, at fairs, etc. But without a coordinated effort, Democratic participation has been spotty at best. The Rural Caucus is committed to increasing participation and visibility at these events.

3. Rewriting the message - Democratic messaging to rural communities has been stuck in a bad rut for too long. We need to speak to the real issues that rural voters face in a way that uplifts our communities. And this can't just be limited to talking points - the Rural Caucus is committed to pushing elected officials for legislative and executive action to help rural communities.

And yes, these are just the beginning. We're a new organization, but there is so much we want to accomplish. With your help, we will continue to work for lasting change for years to come.

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